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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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308 At the Back of the North Wind
" Yes, but it wouldn't do, all of it. Up came the clouds and the clouds, and they came faster and faster, until the moon was covered up. You couldn't expect her to throw off a hundred of them at once—could you?"
" Certainly not," said Diamond.
" So it grew very dark; and a dog began to yelp in the house. I looked and saw that the door to the garden was shut. Presently it was opened—not to let me out, but to let the dog in—yelping and bounding. I thought if he caught sight of me, I was in for a biting first, and the police after. So I jumped up, and ran for a little summer-house in the corner of the garden. The dog came after me, but I shut the door in his face. It was well it had a door—wasn't it?"
"You dreamed of the door because you wanted it," said Diamond.
" No, I didn't; it came of itself. It was there, in the true dream."
" There—I've caught you!" said Diamond. "I knew you believed in the dream as much as I do."
"Oh, well, if you will lay traps for a body!" said Nanny. "Anyhow, I was safe inside the summer-house. And what do you think? — There was the moon beginning to shine again—but only through one of the panes—and that one was just the colour of the ruby. Wasn't it funny?"
" No, not a bit funny," said Diamond.
" If you will be contrary!" said Nanny.
"No, no," said Diamond; "I only meant that was
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