At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Nanny's Dream
by the hand and opened a little trap in the floor, and let me down two or three steps, and I saw like a great hole below me. ' Don't be frightened,' said the little man. ' It's not a hole. It's only a window. Put your face down and look through.' I did as he told me, and there was the garden and the summer-house, far away, lying at the bot­tom of the moon­light. * There!' said the little man; 1 we've brought you off! Do you see the little dog barking at us
down there in the garden?' I told him I couldn't see anything so far. ( Canyon- see any­thing so small and so far off?' I said.
'Bless you, child!' said the little man; 'I could pick up a needle out of the grass if I had only a long enough arm. There's one lying by the door of the summer-house now.' I looked at his eyes. They were very small, but so bright that I think he saw by the light that went out of them. Then he took me up, and up again by a little stair in a corner of the room, and
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