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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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312 At the Back of the North Wind
through another trap-door, and there was one great round window above us, and I saw the blue sky and the clouds, and such lots of stars, all so big, and shining as hard as ever they could!"
" The little girl-angels had been polishing them," said Diamond.
" What nonsense you do talk!" said Nanny.
" But my nonsense is just as good as yours, Nanny. When you have done, I'll tell you my dream. The stars are in it—not the moon, though. She was away somewhere. Perhaps she was gone to fetch you then. I don't think that, though, for my dream was longer ago than yours. She might have been to fetch some one else, though; for we can't fancy it's only us that get such fine things done for them. But do tell me what came next."
Perhaps one of my child-readers may remember whether the moon came down to fetch him or her the same night that Diamond had his dream. I cannot tell, of course. I know she did not come to fetch me, though I did think I could make her follow me when I was a boy—not a very tiny one either.
"The little man took me all round the house, and made me look out of every window. Oh, it was beautiful! There we were, all up in the air, in such a nice clean little house! 'Your work will be to keep the windows bright,' said the little man. ' You won't find it very difficult, for there ain't much dust up here. Only, the frost settles on them sometimes, and the drops of rain leave marks on them.' ' I can easily clean them inside,' 1 said; * but how am I to get the
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