At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Nanny's Dream                    315
" don't see what that has got to do with it," said Nanny.
"Then go on with your story, please," said Diamond. "What did you come to, after going through all those winding passages into the heart of the moon?"
" I didn't say they were winding passages. I said they were long and narrow. They didn't wind. They went by corners."
" That's worth knowing," remarked Diamond. " For who knows how soon he may have to go there? But the main thing is, what did you come to at last?"
" We came to a small box against the wall of a tiny room. The little man told me to put my ear against it. I did so, and heard a noise something like the purring of a cat, only not so loud, and much sweeter. ' What is it?' I asked. ' Don't you know the sound?' returned the little man. ' No,' I answered. ' Don't you know the sound of bees?' he said. I had never heard bees, and could not know the sound of them. ' Those are my lady's bees,' he went on. I had heard that bees gather honey from the flowers. ' But where are the flowers for them?' I asked. ' My lady's bees gather their honey from the sun and the stars,' said the little man. 'Do let me see them,' I said. ' No. I daren't do that,' he answered. ' I have no business with them. I don't understand them. Besides, they are so bright that it one were to fly into your eye, it would blind you alto≠gether.' 'Then you have seen them?' 'Oh, yes! Once or twice, I think. But I don't quite know: they are so very brightólike buttons of lightning. Now I've showed you all I can to-night, and wi'll go back
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