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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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324 At the Back of the North Wind
was much. Still Mr. Raymond did not return, and although the mother would have been able to manage without Nanny now, they could not look for a place for her so long as they had Ruby; and they were not altogether sorry for this.
One week at last was worse than they had yet had. They were almost without bread before it was over. But the sadder he saw his father and mother look­ing, the more Diamond set himself to sing to the two babies.
One thing which had increased their expenses was, that they had been forced to hire another little room for Nanny. When the second baby came, Diamond gave up his room that Nanny might be at hand to help his mother, and went to hers, which, although a fine place to what she had been accustomed to, was not very nice in his eyes. He did not mind the change though, for was not his mother the more comfortable for it? And was not Nanny more comfortable too? And indeed was not Diamond himself more comfort­able that other people were more comfortable? And if there was more comfort every way, the change was a happy one.
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