At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Diamond and Ruby               329
"Well, at least you ought to be thankful you're the better for it. You get a two hours' rest a day out of it."
" I thank my master for that—not you, you lazy fellow! You go along like a buttock of beef upon castors—you do."
"Ain't you afraid I'll kick, if you go on like that, Diamond?"
"Kick! You couldn't kick if you tried. You might heave your rump up half a foot, but for lashing out— oho! If you did, you'd be down on your belly be­fore you could get your legs under you again. It's my belief, once out, they'd stick out for ever. Talk of kicking! Why don't you put one foot before the other now and then when you're in the cab? The abuse master gets for your sake is quite shameful. No decent horse would bring it on him. Depend upon it, Ruby, no cabman likes to be abused any more than his fare. But his fares, at least when you are between the shafts, are very much to be excused. Indeed they are."
"Well, you see, Diamond, I don't want to go lame again."
" I don't believe you were so very lame, after all, —there!"
"Oh, but I was."
"Then I believe it was all your own fault. I'm not lame. I never was lame in all my life. You don't take care of your legs. You never lay them down at night. There you are with your huge carcass crushing down your poor legs all night long. You don't even care
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