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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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348 At the Back of the North Wind
" I'm always wanting something, sir,'* answered Dia≠mond.
" Well, that's quite right, so long as what you want is right. Everybody is always wanting something; only we don't mention it in the right place often enough. What is it now?"
" There's a friend of Nanny's, a lame boy called Jim."
" I've heard of him," said Mr. Raymond. " Well?"
" Nanny doesn't care much about going to the country, sir."
" Well, what has that to do with Jim?"
" You couldn't find a corner for Jim to work inó could you, sir?"
" I don't know that I couldn't. That is if you could show good reason for it."
" He's a good boy, sir."
" Well, so much the better for him.'
" I know he can shine boots, sir."
"So much the better for us."
" You want your boots shined in the countryódon't you, sir?"
" Yes, to be sure."
"It wouldn't be nice to walk over the flowers with dirty bootsówould it, sir?"
"No, indeed."
"They wouldn't like itówould they?"
"No, they wouldn't."
"Then Nanny would be better pleased to go, sir."
" If the flowers didn't like dirty boots to walk over them, Nanny wouldn't mind going to the country? Is that it? I don't quite see it."
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