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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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350 At the Back of the North Wind
Joseph returned to town the same night, and the next morning drove Ruby and Diamond down, with the car­riage behind them, and Mr. Raymond and a lady in the carriage. For Mr. Raymond was an old bachelor no longer: he was bringing his wife with him to live at
The Mound. The moment Nanny-saw her she recog­nized her as the lady who had lent her the ruby-ring. That ring had been given her by Mr. Ray­mond.
The weather was very hot, and the woods very shadowy. There were not a great many wild flowers, for it was getting well towards au­tumn, and the most
of the wild flowers rise early to be before the leaves, because if they did not, they would never get a glimpse of the sun for them. So they have their fun over, and are ready to go to bed again by the time the trees are dressed. But there was plenty of the loveliest grass and daisies about the house, and Diamond's chief pleasure seemed to be to lie amongst them, and breathe the pure
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