At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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I Make Diamond's Acquaintance 357
ture was, the well was to get water out of. So I took the jug, dipped it in, and drew the water."
"And what did the creature do?"
"Flew about."
" And it didn't hurt you?"
"No. Why should it? I wasn't doing anything wrong."
" What did your companions say then?"
"They saidó'Thank you, Diamond. What a dear silly you are!' "
" And weren't you angry with them?"
"No! Why should I? I should like if they would play with me a little; but they always like better to go away together when their work is over. They never heed me. I don't mind it much, though. The other creatures are friendly. They don't run away from me. Only they're all so busy with their own work, they don't mind me much."
" Do you feel lonely, then?"
"Oh, no! When nobody minds me, I get into my nest, and look up. And then the sky does mind me, and thinks about me."
" Where is your nest?"
He rose, saying " I will show you," and led me to the other side of the tree.
There hung a little rope-ladder from one of the lower boughs. The boy climbed up the ladder and got upon the bough. Then he climbed farther into the leafy branches, and went out of sight.
After a little while, I heard his voice coming down out of the tree.
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