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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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358 At the Back of the North Wind
" I am in my nest now," said the voice.
" I can't see you," I returned.
" I can't see you either, but I can see the first star peeping out of the sky. I should like to get up into the sky. Don't you think I shall, some day?"
" Yes, I do. Tell me what more you see up there."
" I don't see anything more, except a few leaves, and the big sky over me. It goes swinging about. The earth is all behind my back. There comes another star! The wind is like kisses from a big lady. When I get up here I feel as if I were in North Wind's arms."
This was the first I heard of North Wind.
The whole ways and looks of the child, so full of quiet wisdom, yet so ready to accept the judgment of others in his own dispraise, took hold of my heart, and I felt myself wonderfully drawn towards him. It seemed to me, somehow, as if little Diamond possessed the secret of life, and was himself what he was so ready to think the lowest thing living—an angel of God with some­thing special to say or do. A gush of reverence came over me, and with a single good night, I turned and left him in his nest.
I saw him often after this, and gained so much of his confidence that he told me all I have told you. I cannot pretend to account for it. I leave that for each philo­sophical reader to do after his own fashion. The easiest way is that of Nanny and Jim, who said often to each other that Diamond had a tile loose. But Mr. Ray­mond was much of my opinion concerning the boy; while Mrs. Raymond confessed that she often rang her bell just to have once more the pleasure of seeing the
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