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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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360 At the Back of the North Wind
score of sheep feeding in a paddock near him, their white wool dyed a pale rose in the light of the set­ting sun. Those in the long shadows from the trees were dead white; those in the sunlight were half glorified with pale rose.
Little Bo Peep, she lost her sheep,
And didn't know where to find them ; They were over the height and out of sight,
Trailing their tails behind them.
Little Bo Peep woke out of her sleep,
Jump'd up and set out to find them: "The silly things, they've got no wings,
And they've left their trails behind them:
"They've taken their tails, but they've left their trails,
And so I shall follow and find them;" For wherever a tail had dragged a trail,
The long grass grew behind them.
And day's eyes and butter-cups, cow's lips and crow's feet
Were glittering in the sun. She threw down her book, and caught up her crook,
And after her sheep did run.
She ran, and she ran, and ever as she ran,
The grass grew higher and higher; Till over the hill the sun began
To set in a flame of fire.
She ran on still—up the grassy hill,
And the grass grew higher and higher; When she reached its crown, the sun was down,
And had left a trail of fire.
The sheep and their tails were gone, all gone—
And no more trail behind them! Yes, yes! they were there—long-tailed and fair,
But, alas! she could not find them.
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