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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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368 At the Back of the North Wind
"Sometimes for one thing, sometimes for another, Nanny," answered Diamond, looking skywards as he climbed.
" You'll break your neck some day," she said.
" I'm going up to look at the moon to-night," he added, without heeding her remark.
"You'll see the moon just as well down here," she returned.
" I don't think so."
" You'll be no nearer to her up there."
" Oh, yes! I shall. I must be nearer her, you know. I wish I could dream as pretty dreams about her as you can, Nanny."
" You silly! you never have done about that dream. I never dreamed but that one, and it was nonsense enough, I'm sure."
" It wasn't nonsense. It was a beautiful dream—and a funny one too, both in one."
" But what's the good of talking about it that way, when you know it was only a dream? Dreams ain't true."
" That one was true, Nanny. You know it was. Didn't you conae to grief for doing what you were told not to do? And isn't that true?"
"1 can't get any sense into him," exclaimed Nanny,, with an expression of mild despair. "Do you really believe, Diamond, that there's a house in the moon, with a beautiful lady, and a crooked old man and dusters. in it?"
" If there isn't, there's something better," he anr, swered, and Vanish ed in the leaves over our heads..
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