At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Diamond Questions North Wind 369
I went into the house, where I visited often in the evenings. When I came out, there was a little wind blowing, very pleasant after the heat of the day, for although it was late summer now it was still hot. The tree-tops were swinging about in it. I took my way past the beech, and called up to see if Diamond were still in his nest in its rocking head.
"Are you there, Diamond?" I said.
" Yes, sir," came his clear voice in reply.
" Isn't it growing too dark for you to get down safely?"
" Oh, no, sir—if I take time to it. I know my way so well, and never let go with one hand till I've a good hold with the other."
" Do be careful," I insisted—foolishly, seeing the boy was as careful as he could be already.
"I'm coming," he returned. "I've got all the moon I want to-night."
I heard a rustling and a rustling drawing nearer and nearer. Three or four minutes elapsed, and he ap­peared at length creeping down his little ladder. I took him in my arms, and set him on the ground.
"Thank you, sir," he said. "That's the north wind olowing, isn't it, sir?"
"I can't tell," I answered. "It feels cool and kind, and I think it may be. But I couldn't be sure except it were stronger, for a gentle wind might turn any way amongst the trunks of the trees."
" I shall know when I get up to my own room," said Diamond. " I think I hear my mistress's bell. Good night, sir."
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