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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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378 At the Back of the North Wind
back is ever so much more beautiful than that. You shall see it one day—perhaps before very long."
" Do they sing songs there?"
" Don't you remember the dream you had about the little boys that dug for the stars?"
" Yes, that I do. I thought you must have had some­thing to do with that dream, it was so beautiful."
" Yes; I gave you that dream."
"Oh! thank you. Did you give Nanny her dream too—about the moon and the bees?"
" Yes. I was the lady that sat at the window of the moon."
"Oh, thank you. I was almost sure you had some­thing to do with that too. And did you tell Mr. Ray­mond the story about the Princess Daylight?"
" I believe I had something to do with it. At all events he thought about it one night when he couldn't sleep. But I want to ask you whether you remember the song the boy-angels sang in that dream of yours."
"No. I couldn't keep it, do what I would, and I did try."
"That was my fault."
" How could that be, North Wind?"
" Because I didn't know it properly myself, and so I couldn't teach it to you. I could only make a rough guess at something like what it would be, and so I wasn't able to make you dream it hard enough to remember it. Nor would I have done so if I could, for it was not correct. I made you dream pictures of it, though. But you will hear the very song itself when you get to the back of-----"
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