At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Diamond Questions North Wind 379
" My own dear North Wind," said Diamond, finish­ing the sentence for her, and kissing the arm that held him leaning against her.
" And now we've settled all this — for the time, at least," said North Wind.
" But I can't feel quite sure yet," said Diamond.
"You must wait a while for that. Meantime you may be hopeful, and content not to be quite sure. Come now, I will take you home again, for it won't do to tire you too much."
"Oh! no, no. I'm not the least tired," pleaded Diamond.
" It is better, though."
"Very well; if you wish it," yielded Diamond with a sigh.
"You are a dear good boy," said North Wind. "I will come for you again to-morrow night and take you out for a longer time. We shall make a little journey together, in fact. We shall start earlier; and as the moon will be later, we shall have a little moonlight all the way."
She rose, and swept over the meadow and the trees. In a few moments the Mound appeared below them. She sank a little, and floated in at the window of Diamond's room. There she laid him on his bed, covered him over, and in a moment he was lapt in a dreamless sleep.
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