At the Back of the North Wind Illustrated - online book

A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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Once More                         385
" Was she frightened then?"
" Oh, no."
" Why didn't she look to see who it was?"
" She didn't know you were there."
" How could she hear me then?"
"She didn't hear you with her ears."
" What did she hear me with?"
"With her heart."
" Where did she think the words came from?"
"She thought they came out of the book she was reading. She will search all through it to-morrow to find them, and won't be able to understand it at all."
"Oh, what fun!" said Diamond. "What will she do?"
" I can tell you what she won't do: she'll never forget the meaning of them; and she'll never be able to remember the words of them."
" If she sees them in Mr. Raymond's book, it will puzzle her, won't it?"
"Yes, that it will. She will never be able to under­stand it."
"Until she gets to the back of the north wind," suggested Diamond.
"Until she gets to the back of the north wind," assented the lady.
"Oh!" cried Diamond, "I know now where we are. Oh! do let me go into the old garden, and into mother's room, and Diamond's stall. I wonder if the hole is at the back of my bed still. I should like to stay there all the rest of the night. It won't take you long to get home from here, will it, North Wind?"
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