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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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At the Back of the North Wind 389
gave him, God's Baby, had some share in reconciling him to it.
Happily for me, I was as much interested in meta­physics as Diamond himself, and therefore, while he recounted his conversations with North Wind, I did not find myself at all in a strange sea, although cer­tainly I could not always feel the bottom, being indeed convinced that the bottom was miles away.
" Could it be all dreaming, do you think, sir?" he asked anxiously.
"I daren't say, Diamond," I answered. "But at least there is one thing you may be sure of, that there is a still better love than that of the wonderful being you call North Wind. Even if she be a dream, the dream of such a beautiful creature could not come to you by chance."
"Yes, I know," returned Diamond; "I know."
Then he was silent, but, I confess, appeared more thoughtful than satisfied.
The next time I saw him, he looked paler than usual.
" Have you seen your friend again?" I asked him.
" Yes," he answered, solemnly.
" Did she take you out with her?"
" No. She did not speak to me. I woke all at once, as I generally do when I am going to see her, and there she was against the door into the big room, sitting just as I saw her sit on her own door-step, as white as snow, and her eyes as blue as the heart of an iceberg. She looked at me, but never moved or spoke."
" Weren't you afraid?" I asked.
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