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A Complete Illustrated children's fantasy book by George MacDonald.

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390 At the Back of the North Wind
"No. Why should I?" he answered. "I only felt a little cold."
11 Did she stay long?"
"I don't know. I fell asleep again. I think I have
been rather cold ever            since
though," he add­ed with a smile.
I did not quite like this, but I said nothing. . Fourdays after, I called again at the Mound. The maid who opened the door looked grave, but I sus­pected nothing. When I reached the drawing-room, I saw Mrs. Raymond had been crying. "Haven't you heard?" she said, seeing my question­ing looks.
" I've heard nothing," I answered. "This morning we found our dear little Diamond lying on the floor of the big attic-room, just outside his own door—fast asleep, as we thought. But when we took him up, we did not think he was asleep. We saw that-----"
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