An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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A Whale. From Comly's A New Spelling-book, 1806.
List of Illustrations
Note. The reproductions from old school-books are the same size as the originals unless otherwise stated beneath the engravings. All pictures not credited in the following list to individuals or societies are from the author's own collection.
Page A Fly-leaf Scribble. From a Webster's The Little Reader's
Assistant, 1791, in the Henry Barnard School-book
Collection, Hartford, Conn. .....            i
A Schoolmaster of Long Ago .... Frontispiece
A Decorative Pen. From the title-page of Emerson's First
Class Reader, 1833 . . . . . Title-page Two Illustrations selected from 160 similar pictures in Paul
Preston1 s Book of Gymnastics, 1 847            . . . viii
A Whale. From Comly's A New Spelling-book, 1806 . ix A Melancholy Scene. From Town's Second Reader, 1848 xxii Schoolhouse erected in 1649 at Dedham, Mass. From The
New England Magazine ..... 7 First Lesson Page of Comenius's Visible World. Owned by
Mr. George A. Plimpton, New York . . .15 Part of an Illustrated Alphabet in the Visible World. Owned
by Mr. George A. Plimpton . . , , ,17
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