An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Beginnings                                       11
part of the year the master should every day begin to teach at seven o'clock in the morning and dismiss the scholars at five in the afternoon, while in the colder and darker months of the remainder of the year he was to begin at eight and close at four. There was to be a midday intermission from eleven to one, except on Monday, when the master
shall call his scholars together between twelve and one of the clock to examine them what they have learned, at which time also he shall take notice of any misdemeanor or outrage that any of his scholars shall have committed on the sabbath, to the end that at some convenient time due admonition and correction may be administered.
He shall diligently instruct both in humane and good literature, and likewise in point of good manners and duti­ful behavior towards all, especially their superiors. Every day of the week at two of the clock in the afternoon, he shall catechise his scholars in the principles of the Chris­tian religion.
He shall faithfully do his best to benefit his scholars, and not remain away from school unless necessary. He shall equally and impartially teach such as are placed in his care, no matter whether their parents be poor or rich. (A necessary warning, for the well-to-do and influential were given a preference in most affairs of the times.)
It is to be a chief part of the schoolmaster's religious care to commend his scholars and his labors amongst them unto God by prayer morning and evening taking care that his scholars do reverently attend during the same.
The rod of correction is a rule of God necessary some­times to be used upon children. The schoolmaster shall have full power to punish all or any of his scholars, no matter who they are. No parent or other person living in the place shall go i out to hinder the master in this. But
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