An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Beginnings                                   23
Above thy reach a fpire fteeple ftands, A fpire not high, thou Spyer out of Lands.
The latter portion of the book is* devoted to Latin exercises, " Forms of Letters," and arithme­tic. From the arithmetic I quote these two bills, the items of which have a strangely unfamiliar look: —
A Shoomakers Bill.
1  pair Cloth Shooes and Golfhoes, with Ferry Boots
2  pair of Shafhoons for Boots
9 dozen of Wooden-heel'd Shooes
For waxing a pair of Boots
2 pair of Women's Lac'd Shooes and Slaps
A Taylor s Bill.
Mr. John Saddler•, his bill.
For a Set of Gold and Silver Buttons
For Tabby for lining the Coat
For feifing Flap
For Cottoning for the Hofe and Pockets
For canvas for Stays and Stiffenings
For Belly-Pieces, Hooks, Eyes, and Stay-Tape
For Silk and Galloon
The lessons in the book are supplemented by several prayers, and then at the bottom of the final page there is this " Advertifement," in which the author says he has a school
where Youth may be fitted for the Univerfity : Alfo taught to write all manner of Fair Hands, with Arithmetick;
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