An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Old-time Schools and School-books
their Parents defired that he would correct them the next Day, which he promifed he would; though, fays he, (by the bye) it is rather your Duty to do it than mine, for I cannot anfwer for Things done out of the School.
Do you, therefore, take Care to keep your Children in Order at Home, and depend on it, fays the Mafter, I will keep them in Awe of me at School. But, fays he, as they
The Truant Boys.
From Fenning's The Universal Spelling-Book.
have been naughty difobedient Boys, and might indeed have loft their Lives, I will certainly chaftife them.
Next Day, Brown, 'Jones and Robin/on were fent to School, and in a fhort time were called up to their Mafter; and he firft began with Brown. — Pray, young Gentleman, fays he, what is the Reafon you go into the Water without the Confent of your Parents ? — I won't do fo any more, fays Brown. — That is nothing at all, fays the Mafter, I can­not truft you. Pray can you fwim ? — No, Sir, fays Brown. — Not fwim, do you fay ! Why you might have been
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