An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Colonial Schools of the Eighteenth Century 59
natured, pleafant and mannerly." Hence Tommy becomes a great and rich man while Harry sinks to poverty and wretchedness and crime. Finally,
Selections from a series of Alpha­bet Illustrations in The British Instructor.
to escape arrest, Harry took flight by sea; but " Divine Vengeance " fol­lowed him, the ship was wrecked, and though he was cast up on the shore he soon afterward " be­came a Prey to wild Beafts, which God fufTered to tear him in Pieces, as the juft Reward of his Difobedience and mifpent Life."
In the miscellany of the latter part of the book are directions for making both black and red ink. The red ink recipe is : —
T AKE Half a Pint of Water, and put therein Half an Ounce of Gum Senega; let this diffolve in a Galli­pot, and then add one Pennyworth of the beft Vermilion, ftirring it well for two Days.
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