An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Colonial Schools of the Eighteenth Century 61
of English spellers and published in Boston in 1770 under the title, The YoatKs Inftructor in the Englifh Tongue, Or the Art of Spelling Improved. It claimed to be "a more plain eafy and regular Method of teaching young children than any other Book of this kind and Bignefs extant."
The Defcription of a good Boy.
T HE boy that is good Does mind his book well; And if he can't read Will ftrive for to {pell.
His fchool he does love;
And when he is there, For plays and for toys,
No time can he fpare.
Of taking God's Name in vain.
T O mention God, no man has juft pretence, But to his honour, or the truth's defence. In common talk, where trifles moft abound, God, Chrift or Lord ftrikes horror with the found. .Nor fhould we dare appeal to him on high, To gain belief, or to atteft a lie, Thus to abufe that name, if man prefume, The third Commandment loudly fpeaks their doom. Yet fome, alas ! in every trivial caufe, To ftop a gap in fpeech, or for a paufe; Or to fill up the fentence, at each word, From mouths unhallow'd, breathe, Chrift, God or Lord. Good Lord, if e'er fuch monsters I come nigh, From their ill ways give me the grace to fly.
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