An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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76 Old-time Schools and School-books
Every primer had a page devoted to the alphabet, followed by two pages of those curious word frag­ments, " ab, eb, ib, ob, ub," etc., which the book itself calls " Easy syllables for Children." Then came three pages of words grading up from those of
one syllable to " a-
Easy syllables for Children. bo-mi-na-ti-on" Ba be bi bo bu and a few others of
six syllables. 1 he rest of the book is almost entirely a religious and moral miscellany of verse and prose gathered from all sorts of sources. Prominent in this miscellany is a picture alphabet —a series of twenty-four tiny pictures, each accompanied by a two or three line jingle. Apparently two of the letters are slighted, but not really — for it was customary to teach that J was simply I with another name, and that U and V were likewise identical. One must grant that the pictures are expressive in spite of their diminutive size. The artist took care to get every­thing he could into them that would help the text.
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