An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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82 Old-time Schools and School-books
and the similar couplets, were gradually rewritten and given religious significance.
Another curious change found in some of the primers was connected with the K rhyme. At first this read:
King Charles the Good
No Man of blood.
But by the time of the Revolution praise of royalty was not as acceptable as it had been, and rhymes like the following were substituted :
Kings fhould be good No men of blood.
Britain's King in fpleen Lost States thirteen.
Queens and Kings Are Gaudy Things.
In addition to the picture alphabet there was an unillustrated one of " Leffons for Youth." Three of the short precepts will suffice to show what stern stuff was put into these lessons :
F OOLISHNESS is bound up in the Heart of a Child, but the Rod of correction fhall drive it from him.
IARS fhall have their Part in the Lake which burns with Fire and Brimftone.
U PON the Wicked God fhall rain an Horrible Tempeft.
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