An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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cjo Old-time Schools and School-books
The Rewards of Virtue.
Mifs Goodchild had the advantage of fuch Inftructions in
her youth that fhe could reafon juftly on the Being, Provi­dence and Perfections of
God; whom fhe admired, loved, and reverenced, from a Conviction of his infinite Excellence; and to whom every Morning and Night, fhe offered up her Prayers for Protection, and for Ad­vancement in ufeful Knowl­
The Rewards of Virtue.
edge, and good Difpofitions,
the chief object of her Pur-
fuit! Her Papa and Mamma foon died ; and fhe had no
other Portion left her but her undiffembled Piety, a decent
Modesty, which fhowed itfelf in her Actions, an innocent
Simplicity and a Heart full
of Goodnefs. Thefe raifed
her Friends; they admired
her, they loved her, they
ftrove to make her happy.
A Gentleman of Under-
ftanding and Virtue became
fenfible of her Merit, and
married her. It was the
Bufinefs of their Lives to
make each other happy, Illustration to "The Hufbandman's
and as their Fortune was ^J Jn78a5New En8bnd Prlmer
large fhe was enabled to
gratify the generous Difpofitions of her Heart, in relieving any diftreft honeft Man ; and in promoting the fubftantial Benefit of all about her.
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