An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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The District Schools                    127
Boarding Round in Vermont.
Monday. Went to board at Mr. B's; had a baked gander for dinner; suppose from its size, the thickness of the skin and other venerable appearances it must have been one of the first settlers of Vermont; made a slight impression on the patriarch's breast. Supper — cold gander and potatoes. Family consists of the man, good wife, daughter Peggy, four boys, Pompey the dog, and a brace of cats. Fire built in the square room about nine o'clock, and a pile of wood lay by the fireplace ; saw Peggy scratch her fingers, and couldn't take the hint;. felt squeamish about the stomach, and talked of going to bed; Peggy looked sullen, and put out the fire in the square room; went to bed, and dreamed of having eaten a quantity of stone wall.
Tuesday. Cold gander for breakfast, swamp tea and nut cake — the latter some consolation. Dinner — the legs, &c, of the gander, done up warm — one nearly despatched. Supper — the other leg, &c, cold; went to bed as Peggy was carrying in the fire to the square room; dreamed I was a mud turtle, and got on my back and could not get over again.
Wednesday. Cold gander for breakfast; complained of sickness, and could eat nothing. Dinner — wings, &c, of the gander warmed up ; did my best to destroy them, for fear they should be left for supper; did not succeed ; dreaded supper all the afternoon. Supper — hot Johnny cake; felt greatly revived; thought I had got clear of the gander, and went to bed for a good night's rest; disap­pointed; very cool night, and couldn't keep warm; got up and stopped the broken window with my coat and vest; no use; froze the tip of my nose and one ear before morning.
Thursday. Cold gander again; much discouraged to see the gander not half gone; went visiting for dinner and supper; slept abroad and had pleasant dreams.
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