An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Fly-leaf Scribblings                       157
Turn to that page and you have : —
If my name you cannot find look on page 109.
Again do as you are bidden, and you are rewarded with: —
If my name you cannot find Shut up the book and never mind.
On occasion the poetry dealt with some incidental topic, as, for example, these lines in an Adams's arithmetic: —
Oh may I learn with true submission Daniel Adams composition.
A ditty which was considered a fitting characteriza­tion to inscribe in the school histories was this: —
If there should be another flood,
Then to this book I'd fly ; If all the earth should be submerged
This book would still be dry.
Among the schoolgirls attending the academies it was a fad to write sentimental verses of affection in each other's books, thus : —
To Miss Lottie
I always wish you happiness No sorrow veil your earthly bliss ; And when this little piece, you see Of friendship mine remember me.
Your friend and schoolmate
Mary Ann W.
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