An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Noah Webster and his Spelling-book 179
you ? said the old Man, then I will fetch you down ; so he pulled up some tufts of Grass and threw at him; but this only made the Youngster laugh, to think the old Man should pretend to beat him down from the tree with grass only.
Fable I.Of the Boy that ftok Apples^
From a Webster's speller dated 1 789.
Well, well, said the old Man, if neither words nor grass will do, I must try what virtue there is in Stones : so the old Man pelted him heartily with stones, which soon made the young Chap hasten down from the tree and beg the old Man's pardon.
If good words and gentle means will not reclaim the wicked, they must be dealt with in a more severe manner.
The book ends with " A Moral Catechism " of about a dozen pages. The topics considered are "Of Humility, Of Mercy, Of Revenge, Of Industry," etc., and include such questions and answers as:
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