An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Noah Webster and his Spelling-book 183
The man can put on his wig
I love the young lady that shows me how to read.
Vipers are bad snakes, and they bite men.
I saw a rill run down the hill.
Visitors should not make their visits too long.
Style not in verse is called prose.
The birds fly from branch to branch on the trees and clinch their claws fast to the limbs.
Wolves howl in the woods, in the night.
Never pester the little boys.
The lark will soar up in the sky to look at the sun.
Forks have two or three tines.
Shut the gate, and keep the hogs out of the yard.
The dysentery is a painful disease.
Our blood is often chilled at the recital of acts of cruelty.
When large hailstones fall on the house they make a great racket.
Pompions are commonly called pumpkins.
The chewing of tobacco is a useless custom.
Many kings have been thrown down from their thrones.
The rainbow is a token that the world will not be drowned again.
Christ is a mediator between an offended God and offending man.
A piece of cloth, if good, is worth what it will bring.
Friday is just as lucky a day as any other.
It is a mean act to deface the figures on a mile stone.
The ladies adorn their heads and necks with tresses.
Fiction is a creature of the imagination.
It is every man's duty to bequeath to his children a rich inheritance of pious precepts.
The love of whiskey has brought many a stout fellow to the whipping-post.
Large bushy whiskers require a good deal of nursing and training.
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