An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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188 Old-time Schools and School-books
cufhion with the laft letter, and end it with the firft, as any way, if I am but underftood.
Soph. That is the very thing. If you fhould begin it with an «, and end it with a p, you would be more likely to make night cap of it than pincujhion; and that would be a fad miftake.
Char. Well now, I will tell you a little affair, if you will promife to keep it a fecret.
Soph. You know I never reveal fecrets.
Char. Last New Year's day, I wanted to make my coufin Sally Chapman a prefent of a pretty little hiftory book. And fo I wrote her name in it and fent it. But, inftead of writing it properly, I wrote For Sale Cheap Mon. My coufin opened it, and read it; but could make nothing more or lefs of it, than For sale cheap for Money; and im­mediately fent back to know the loweft price. Now, think how mortified I was.
Soph. We must expect that fuch miftakes will often happen, if we do not learn to fpell in feafon. I knew a man who had a great deal of money, and was about mak­ing a great feaft, who fent his fervant to market with an order, the true meaning of which was, that he wanted a dozen of fowls, either ducks, turkies, or chickens. But it was written thus : " Send me a dofe of foolsDukes will be preferred to Turks; but Chittens will be better than either." Guefs the man's aftonifhment, at feeing his fervant come home lugging a baf ket full of kittens !
Char. I fee that great miftakes, and great injuries may arife from bad fpelling. I am refolved to learn to be a good fpeller too; and will afk mamma to let me carry my fpelling book to fchool every day.
Soph. I am glad you have come to that refolution. You write a very handfome hand; and nothing looks more fhameful than to fee good writing and bad fpelling to­gether.
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