An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Other Spellers                           191
I have nary one.
She fpeaks very proper.
He dorit ought to behave fo.
What does I do but goes and demands the money.
I never drink'd better wine.
She died of a Tuefday.
About a year agone.
A speller very similar in size and makeup to Bingham's was " The Child's Spelling-book: calcu­lated to render Reading Completely Eafy to Little Children; Compiled by a printer, Hartford, 1798." It is illustrated with a number of pictures and the text is unfailingly brisk and entertaining. The first reading starts off in this wise : —
Come hither, Charles, come, tell me your letters; do you know how many there are ? Where is the pin to point with ? Here is the pin. Now read your book.
In the next extract we get more glimpses of old-time child life both at school and at home.
How cold it is! Where are the little girls and boys ? Have they not yet come from fchool ?
Here they come, here they come. — Who was at the head of the clafs to-day ? Rachel. And did fhe get the bow ? Yes papa, here is the pretty bow. And will papa give me a penny for bringing home the bow ?
Yes, Rachel fhall have a penny. No, pennies are out of date. She fhall have a cent.
Dinner is ready. Come little frozen boys, come get fome pudding.
Will mamma give Charles fome beer ? Yes, Charles fhall have fome beer.
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