An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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192 Old-time Schools and School-books
Wipe your mouth before you drink. Do not cough in the cup.
Thomas fhall I help you to a potato ? No, fir, I have dined.
Then go to the fcullery, and wafh your hands, your face, and your teeth.
This is winter. Well never mind it. We will fit by the fire, and read, and tell ftories, and look at pictures.
Take care, little boy, you ftand too near the fire. You will burn your fhoes.
Do not fpit on the floor. Spit in the corner.
It is dark. Light the candle. Shut the window-blinds. Bring in fome wood.
The fun is gone to bed. The chickens are gone to bed ; and little boys and girls muft go to bed.
Poor little boy is sleepy. He muft be carried up-ftairs.
Pull ofF his thoes. Pull off his frock and petticoat. Put on his nightcap.
Lay his head upon the pillow. Cover him up. Good night.
In 1799 appeared Caleb Alexander's The Young Ladies' and Gentleman s Spelling Book, It was a well-printed, leather-bound twelve mo, and contained eight engravings, each illustrating a poem by that eminent divine, Isaac Watts, whose verse both for adults and children was the especial delight of New Englanders in the eighteenth century.
These illustrated poems were the book's most distinguished feature as can be imagined from the pictures and portions of text which follow:
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