An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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wholefome flipper. And inftead of the downy bed, and the foft long of the Whippoorwill and Nightingale to lull them to repofe, naught, but a bed of leaves drenched with rain, the wild wind which whiftled terror thro' the trees, and the hoarfe note of the Owl, to frighten their ears !
Meanwhile, the father and all the neighbors had been searching for the children, and the search con­tinued unsuccessfully through the stormy night. "At last, when the day had dawned, the father happening to caft his eyes on a clufter of leaves — who fhould he difcover but his fweet babes ! He fprang to fold their cold bodies to his bofom : And while he wiped the rain from their tender limbs, the parental tear ran down his cheeks."
The mother and a daughter some years older than the lost children were with the father. Of this older daughter the book says: " How could that humane, delicate bosom, which always turned from the cruel fcene where the lamb is led to the flaugh-ter; whofe foft hands could never indulge them-felves in the barbarous fport of depriving the robin of her eggs, much lefs of her young neftlings ; I fay, how could this amiable sifter endure the thought that her little brother and fifter fhould thus perifh."
But she was spared the pain; for while the rescuers picked up the children and "were alter­nately preffing their clay-cold lips to their own, a fmall breath was difcovered to proceed from their mouths, and their little hearts faintly vibrated with life," and shortly they recovered and the adventure ended happily.
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