An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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218 Old-time Schools and School-books
My dear wife, a blessing has come upon us all for the sake of our dutiful child. He is one of nature's noblemen. The good man raised his hands in prayer, and thanked the Creator of the world for giving him so hopeful a son.
It is thirty years since this affair happened, and the same Frank Lucas is now a judge, and one of the first men in the county where he lives. His father is at rest. Twenty summers, the bell-flower has bloomed, on his peaceful grave. His mother has grown very old and feeble. She still lives with her son. Judge Lucas is married to a charming lady, and has five children. They go to school; and their father tells them they must love God; honor their parents and teachers, and be kind to all; and that the way for a poor little boy to become a great and happy man, is, to be honest, industrious and good.
A poem from Picket's Juvenile Spelling-book , New York, 1823.
The Lamb.
A tear bedews my Delia's eye,
To think yon playful lamb must die :
From crystal spring and flow'ry mead
Must in his prime of life recede ;
Erewhile in sportive circle, round
She saw him wheel, and frisk and bound ;
From rock to rock pursue his way,
And on the fearful margin play.
She tells with what delight he stood
To trace his features in the flood ;
Then skipp'd aloof with quaint amaze ;
And then drew near again to gaze.
She tells me how with eager speed
He flew to hear my vocal reed j
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