An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Other Spellers                       223
My father and mother are dead,
No friend or relation I have; And now the cold earth is their bed,
And daisies grow over their grave.
I cast my eyes into the tomb
The sight made me bitterly cry;
I said, and is this the dark room,
Where my father and mother must lie ?
I cast my eyes round me again, In hopes some protector to see;
Alas ! but the search was in vain, For none had compassion on me.
I cast my eyes up to the sky,
I groan'd, though 1 said not a word;
Yet God was not deaf to my cry; The friend of the fatherless heard.
O yes — and he graciously smil'd
And bid me on him to depend; He whisper'd — " Fear not, little child,
For I am thy father and frtend."
One lesson of an unusual sort was three pages of information on various subjects under the title " Common Things," and I reprint several para­graphs.
The rainbow is formed by the reflection and decomposi­tion of the sun's rays on the drops of falling water.
Electricity is a subtle fluid which pervades most bodies and is capable by certain operations, of being accumulated in certain substances to a greater or less degree.
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