An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Other Spellers
A-buse no man. Give to all their due.
At the end it is uncertain whether the mule is a man, or the man mentioned is a mule.
Of the next picture we are told "The pail has a wire bail," though it is per­fectly plain that the bail is wooden.
Here are several consecutive sen­tences under a picture of a hen. They seem to have some occult but
not easily perceived connection.                    A Pail.
Hens lay eggs Sev-en eggs to a keg Sev-en hens to a keg Sev-en eggs to a hen
On page 9 is a picture of a girl with what looks like a flower in her hand ; yet the text reads, " Ann and her fan," and it also asks, " Has Ann an ap-ple ? " The same picture reappears on page 17 ;
A Girl.
but meanwhile the girl has changed her
name and the text says, " Let Jane tell
her tale," and states that "Jane has a cape on her
Then here is a picture from a little farther along
in the book with the following sentences beneath it:
_ A toad in the grass. Toads can hop far. See his long hind legs.
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