An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Other Spellers                              231
dated 1826. The title-page says that the book is " designed to assist young persons to spell with accuracy and effect/' though from the look of the lessons you would think the whole thing was con­trived for a joke. The spelling is in fact as bad as ingenuity can make it, and yet the volume is intended seriously and this crazy spelling is supposed to stimu­late the pupil's interest. The preface advises that " The scholar should always be provided with a dictionary, and in order to rectify the false orthog­raphy the teacher should require him to copy with care each paragraph of this work; it is then pre­sumed very considerable advantage will be found in the use of this compilation." Below are character­istic extracts: —
Nolledge is the best foundashun ov happines. Its kulte-vashun in yuth promotes vertshu, bi kreating habits ov menttal disseplin; and bi inkulkating a sense ov morral oblegashun.
Menny nashuns liv nakid in kavurns undur ground, pur-form no labur, and depend for thare subsistens on the spontaneus produkts ov the erth, and on the flesh ov ani­mals, witsh tha destroy bi simpel strattajems.
The arts ov savvidje life inklude the arts ov swimming, hunting, taking ame with missil weppons, and prokuring fire.
The art ov swimming depends furst in keeping the arms and hands undur watur; in protruding only the fase and part ov the hed out ov the water; and then uzing sutsh akshun, as wil derekt the boddy in enny partikulur korse.
Hunting is performed bi most savvidge nashuns on fut, and with menny ov them the prinsepal weppon is the klub. Therefore the swiftest and strongest uzhualy bekum tsheefs.
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