An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Leffons in Verfe.
W HEN the Sun doth rife you muft go up each day, And fall on your knees, and to God humbly pray : Then kneel to your parents, their bleffing implore, And when you have money, give fome to the poor. Your hands and your face, in the next place wafh fair, And brufh your apparel and comb out your hair.
Then wifh a good morning to all in your view, And bow to your parents, and bid them adieu; Salute every perfon as to fchool you go; When at fchool, to your mafter due reverence fhow. And if you can't read, pray endeavour to fpell, For by frequently fpelling you'll learn to read well.
Shun all idle boys, and the wicked and rude; And pray, only play with thofe boys who are good. To church you muft every Sunday repair, And behave yourfelf decently while you are there. At the clofe of the day, ere you go to your reft, Kneel again to your parents, and be again bleft: And to the Almighty again humbly pray, That he may preferve you by night and by day.
The next book of this class was The Child's In­structor, Philadelphia, 1808. A peculiar typo­graphical feature is the use of the long s in some parts of the book, and the short s in others. Most printers had discarded the former altogether by this time. In Chapter I are the alphabet, some columns of three and four letter words, and a number of short sentences, of which the first is —
A bird that can sing, and will not sing, must be made to sing.
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