An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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church ? Billy went to church, and so did Betsey. The church is the house of God; and God loves little children when they go to church.
When you go to church you must sit still, and hear what the preacher tells you; he tells you to be good children and love your parents, and then God will bless you.
Do you know who makes it rain ? I will tell you : God makes it rain. Do you see that dark cloud rising in the west ? That cloud will bring thunder and lightning and rain. You need not be afraid ; God makes it thunder; and he will not let it hurt you if you are good.
The following are some of the longer lessons in the latter part of the book. The unmitigated black­ness of the lad's character portrayed in the first of these is quite impressive.
Defcription of a BAD BOY.
A bad Boy is undutiful to his father and mother, difobe-dient and ftubborn to his mafter, and ill-natured to all his play-fellows. He hates his book, and takes no pleafure in improving himfelf in any thing. He is fleepy and flothful in the morning, too idle to clean himfelf, and too wicked to fay his prayers.
He is always in mifchief, and when he has done a fault, will tell twenty lies in hopes to clear himself. He hates that any body fhould give him good advice, and when they are out of light, will laugh at them. He fwears and wran­gles, and quarrels with his companions, and is always in fome difpute or other.
He will fteal whatfoever comes in his way; and if he is
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