An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Primary Readers
Who does not love the robin ? He sings a most lovely note.
The raven is not a fine bird nor a very good bird; he has been known to pull up corn.
Who loves a horse race ? Are not too many fond of it ? Does it not lead to many evils, and to frequent ruin ? Never go to a horse race. Mr. Mix had one child, whom he called Irene ; he had also a good farm, and some money. He went to the races with his child, dressed in black crape for the loss of her mother. Here Mr. Mix drank freely, and bet largely, and lost all he was worth. At night he went home a beggar; took a dose of brandy, and died before morning, leaving his child a pennyless orphan. Never go to a horse race.
Who is she that is growing up to the good fortune of riding in a coach and two ? She is the girl who rises with
the rising day; whose hands and face are made clean ; whose hair is cleared of snarly locks, and neatly rolled in papers; and whose
clothes are clean and whole though never
The Coach and Two. From The Clinton Primer, 1830.
gay. She who loves her book, her school, the truth, and her parents, and also the path of peace and virtue. I now see her through the window of the carriage, and I hear her say :
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