An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Farther sez hee wonts yu too sta longe enuff too hav ay gude vissit; butt ie no hee wil bee gladd whenn yure vissit iss ovur.
Jaims gose too skule and ie thinke hee behaivs wel. Saror stais att horn, and wurks withe mee. Wee awl ih-joy gude helth.
Doo rite mee ay lettur, and tel mee abowt Bosten, and ant Wite's foax, and hou soone wee ma expekt yu.
Yure verry luving childe, Lucy Turner.
Now, only think how much grieved and ashamed her mother must have been, when she found that Lucy had spelled only her name and one word right.
Two Pages.
From Gallaudet's The Child's Picture Defining Book, 1830
Reduced one-half.
Gallaudet's The Child's Picture Defining and Read­ing Book, Hartford, 1830, had a half-page cut on
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