An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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At length, when years had passed away, Some English came to Virginia ; 'Twas sixteen hundred seven ; be sure You let this in your mind endure; For 'twas the first bold colony Planted in North America; The first that laid the deep foundation, On which has since been built a nation. Well, here they raised a far-famed Town On James' river, called Jamestown. They struggled hard 'gainst many sorrows, Sickness and want, and Indian arrows ; But bold and strong at length they grew, And were a brave and manly crew.
'Twas eight years after this, I mean The year sixteen hundred fifteen, Some Dutch, from Holland, settled pat on An Island which they called Manhattan, And straight they sat themselves to work, And built the city of New-York. Now let the laughing wags and jokers Say that the Dutch are stupid smokers; We only tell, that, dull or witty, They founded famous New-York city; The largest city in the west, For trade and commerce quite the best.
A curious lesson found in The Union Primer, 1832, was this :
A boy who was idle and wicked, saw an old man with poor clothes on he went up to him as he was in the grave-yard, and said, " Father, you are in a very miserable condition if there is not another world." " True, son,"
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