An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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is very good to eat. The milk of the goat is also very nice to drink, and is used as a cure for some dis eas es. The skin of the kid is made into soft leather gloves. Goats' horns are used for handles of knives and forks. The hair is often made into garments.
The following is a lesson which combines natural history, moral training, and religion : —
The Hen.
Of all feathered an i mals, there is none more useful than the common hen. Her eggs supply us with food during her life, and her flesh affords us del i cate meat after her death. What a moth er ly care does she take of her young ! How closely and ten der ly does she watch over them, and cover them with her wings; and how bravely does she defend them from e ver y en e my, from which she herself would fly away in terror, if she had not them to protect!
While this sight reminds you of the wisdom and good­ness of her Cre a tor, let it also remind you of the care which your own mother took of you, during your helpless years, and of the grat i tude and duty which you owe to her for all her kindness.
I quote below bits from various lessons: —
Many apple trees live above a thousand years, and it is said there are some trees which were not destroyed when the world was drowned.
Of all the horses in the world, some of the finest are said to be bred in England. The English racers often go at the rate of a mile in two minutes; and some of them have been known to go a mile in one minute.
Does any body live on the moon ?
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