An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Boa/ting is loud and bluftering. The eyes ftare, the face is red and bloated, the mouth pouts, the voice is hollow, the arms akimbo, the head nods in a threatening manner, the right fift fometimes clenched and brandifhed.
The bulk of the book is made up of three depart­ments — " Narration," " Lessons in Speaking," and " Dialogues." In one lesson with the caption " Rules for Behavior," we find this advice : —
Never hold any body by the button or the hand, in order to be heard through your story ; for if the people are not willing to hear you, you had much better hold your tongue than hold them.
Here are the opening paragraphs of a tale entitled
C ALISTA was young and beautiful, endowed with a great fhare of wit and folid fenfe. Agathocles, whofe age very little exceeded hers, was well made, brave and prudent. He had the good fortune to be introduced to Califta's home, where his looks, wandering indifferently over a numerous circle, foon diftinguifhed and fixed upon her.
But recovering from the fhort ecftacy occafioned by the firft fight, he reproached himfelf, as being guilty of rude-nefs to the reft of the company ; a fault which he endeav­oured to correct by looking round on other objects. Vain attempt! They were attracted by a powerful charm, and turned again towards Califta. He blufhed as well as fhe, while a fweet emotion produced a kind of fluttering in his heart, and confufion in bis countenance,
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