An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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268 Old-time Schools and School-books
Of course, after that, Agathocles became a fre­quent caller, and in every visit " he difcovered fome new perfection in the fair Califta."
At laft he refolved to open his heart to her; but he did not do it in the affected language of a romantic paffion. " Lovely Califta," faid he ingenuoufly, " it is not mere efteem that binds me to you, but a moft paffionate and tender love. I feel that I cannot live without you : Can you, without violence to your inclinations, confent to make me happy ? I may love you without offence ; 'tis a tribute due to your merit: But may I flatter myfelf with the hopes of fome fmall return ? "
A coquette would have affected to be difpleafed at fuch a declaration. But Califta not only liftened to her lover with­out interrupting him, but anfwered him without ill-nature, and gave him leave to hope. Nor did fhe put his conftancy to a tedious trial: the happinefs for which he fighed was no longer delayed, than was neceffary to prepare for the ceremony.
Another lesson from which I wish to quote is —
S ERGEANT Tremble and his wife, during a time of general health, feel as eafy and fecure as if their chil­dren were immortal. If there are no cancers, dyfenteries, fmall-pox, bladders in the throat, and fuch like things to be heard of, they almoft bid defiance to death ; but the mo­ment information was given that a child fix miles off, had the throat diftemper, all comfort bade adieu to the houfe ; and the mifery then endured from dreadful apprehenfions, left the difeafe fhould enter the family, is unfpeakable.
The old fergeant thought that when the wind blew from that quarter, he could fmell the infection, and therefore
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