An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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T HE Buffalo, found in the woods of America, is a large animal with black, fhort horns. He has a large beard under his lower jaw, and a large tuft of hair upon his head, which falls down upon his eyes and gives him a hideous look. He has a large bump or rifing on his back, beginnig at his hips and increafing to his fhoulders. This is covered with hair, fomewhat reddifh, and very long. The reft of the body is covered with black wool; a fkin produces about eight pounds of wool, which is very valuable.
The Buffalo.
From The Little Reader's Assistant.
The buffalo has a good fmell, and will perceive a man at a great diftance, unlefs the wind is in the man's favor. His flefh is good, but the bull's is too tuff, fo that none but the cow's is generally eaten. His fkin makes good lether — and the Indians ufe it for fhields.
The last half of the book is devoted to a "Farmer's Catechizm," mostly agricultural instruction, but start­ing off with some general laudation like—■
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