An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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against her. The woman immediately, but very calmly, replied, " I appeal." " How," says Philip, u from your king ? To whom then ? " " To Philip when fasting," returned the woman. The manner in which he received this answer would do honour to the most sober prince. He afterwards gave the cause a second hearing, found the injustice of his sentence, and condemned himself to make it good.
A Gentleman of Gascony who inherited two thousand crowns a year from his father, commenced living at Paris, and being a gay
volatile genius, soon squandered his fortune, and was reduced to the lowest ebb of wret chedness. Yet he never lost his spirit and cour­age ; but with the small pittance he had left, he pur­
chased a mule and turned water-car­
A Meeting of Old Friends in the Streets of Paris. From The Columbian Reading Book.
rier. Some time afterwards, as he was trafficking his merchandize up and down the streets, he happened to meet two of his old companions, who would have avoided him for fear of giving him pain, at being caught with such an equipage. But he sprang forward and saluted them with his usual freedom ; and, when they seemed to pity his ill fortune, briskly interrupted them by saying, " That he had forty thousand crowns worth of water in the Seine, but for want of servants, was obliged to sell it himself."
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