An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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he received the news with cheerfulness, saying, " O Fortune, thou hast acted wisely, in forcing me to throw off the rich attire of a merchant to put on the mean and despised habit of a scholar, and return me back to the school of phi­losophy, where there is nothing to lose, and the most satis­factory and durable things to be gained."
Successful Bravery.
Mr. GILLET, a French quarter-master, going home to his friends, had the good fortune to save the life of a young
woman, attacked by two ruffians. He fell upon them, sabre in hand, unlocked the jaw of the first villain, who held a dagger to her breast, and at one stroke pared the nails of the other just above the
wrist. Money was offered by the
A Rescue.
From The Columbian Reading Book.
grateful parents; he refused it; they offered him their daughter, a young girl of 16, in marriage; the veteran, then in his 73rd year, declined, saying, " Do you think that I have rescued her from instant death, to put her to a lingering one, by coupling so lively a body with one worn out with age ? "
Few of the early text-books enjoyed more favor th an Stamford's The Art of Reading, Boston, 1807. The title-page says it contains "A variety of selected
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